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Reorder Tags for the Red Tag Inventory Control System
Reorder Tags for the Red Tag Inventory Control System
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Reorder Tags for the Red Tag Inventory Control System
The red tag inventory control system is a manual system in which small red tags are affixed to the reorder point of items being controlled within this inventory.

  • When a particular product reaches the reorder point, the red flag is removed, placed in a small box and, once a week, the inventory control manager gathers those tags.
  • On the back of the tag is noted the quantity ordered, the date it is ordered, and the price paid.
  • When the new inventory arrives, the same tag is once again affixed to the reorder point of that inventory.

If an item does not get receipted through the computer, if it does not have a code number associated with it and if it does not get invoiced, it should be placed into the manual type category for inventory control. Items such as syringes, gauze, and suture material would all be placed under the new type category which would be labeled "manual."

For the manual system, the practice will need to purchase red flag reorder tags. The tags should be placed at the reorder point of any inventory item controlled within this manual system. If you decide that suture material is to be reordered when you are down to twelve packages, you would take twelve packages, fill out a red flag inventory tag, rubber band it together with the suture material, and place it behind the suture material in use. Once the suture material in use has been used up, the staff will then take the package of suture material that has been bound together with the tag, remove the red flag, place it in a collection point, and continue to use suture material. Once a week, the person in charge of inventory control will gather the appropriate flags from the boxes throughout the practice. The inventory item will be ordered and the back of the flag for that item will be updated with the date that of the order, the quantity, and the price paid. When the item is received, the reorder quantity will again be bound together with the appropriate flag and be placed behind the product in use. Thus, the system is perpetual.

When the flag is once again removed and the product ordered, the date should be compared with the previous date. As tags are used, it will keep you informed about the shelf life of the product and whether or not that shelf life needs to be adjusted. The practice should strive to maintain a shelf life of one month and certainly not exceed a three month shelf life on any product purchased or brought into the practice.